Atlanta Georgia

In August of 2016 I decided to take my first ever flight to Atlanta Georgia. I decided to make this flight/trip because a couple years prior to 2016, I had a layover in Atlanta on the greyhound bus and while we were driving through the city, I always said that I wanted to come back.

The flight from Houston was relatively short, about 2.5 hours from Houston. I read from different websites and articles about how busy the airport was and I must say that is a fact. I was kind of lost when I had to catch a train from my terminal to go on the other side of the airport to get my luggage. I was a very interesting experience. I rented a car there, which was the best decision that I made because Atlanta was way too spread out for me to walk.

I checked in at a hotel 2 miles away from the airport. I don’t remember the name of the hotel but I think it was a Days Inn in College Park. I left a review on their website and also with Google. The hotel was awful. As soon as I walked to the room I turned on the a/c and it was incredibly loud. I then went to unpack my luggage and saw that there were spiders in the room. The hot water was not heating the water so I had to take a cold bath the first night. The same night as I arrived, someone started beating on my door and jiggling the handle trying to get in. I would never advise anyone to stay in this hotel unless you aren’t afraid of spiders and intruders.

Day one of the trip, I started off by going to Lenox mall. I went into the Macys department store and bought some lush products. I then just went around looking at different stores for little trinkets and souvenirs but did not find much. The mall is just like any other mall in a big city.  The had all of the basic stores that are at the Galleria in Houston.

After I left the mall, I went to find Piedmont Park where it was absolutely beautiful. That Is one of the things that I loved about Atlanta is that it was so scenic. Beautiful high rises and an awesome park sitting right outside of downtown.

After the park, I was kind of hungry so I went to a popular place in little  5 points called The Vortex and I ordered the most delicious burger. The place was so eccentric and eclectic. I enjoyed all of the things that were on the all and all of the art work on the side of the building. While I was there, A woman approached me and told me how beautiful that I was. I just love southern hospitality.

On day two, I headed off for the Georgia Aquarium. When I walked up to the aquarium, They had this sculpture of   a penguin made with trash that was found in the seas that were harming marine life. It was beautifully constructed. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by warm and friendly people. I purchased the Dolphin experience , so I went to the desk to find out how to sign in. Sign in was very easy and the instructor was very informative. She walked my group to the back stage area where the dolphins are fed and where they rest while they aren’t performing. while there each group got to play with a dolphin. Since I was alone, I had my dolphin all to myself. I had soooo much fun with him. They are super smart and they feel like wet rubber when you touch them. I would definitely recommend that anyone who loves sea animals go to there little events that the aquarium has to offer. The trainers were highly professional and so acknowledgeable about the animals. This was the highlight of my trip. When you are done with the dolphins, you should go check out the whale sharks. They are freaking huge and so majestic.

Right next door was the coke factory where the secret coke formula is locked into a safe. The staff there were awesome, they even let us take a souvenir glass bottle home. My favorite part of the tour was the 100 different kinds of coke from all over the world. There were some from Africa all the way to Tokyo. Some of them were tasty and other were horrible but it was fun to taste them. If you go here, make sure that you take your coke slowly because you can get a sugar/caffeine rush in no time!

The last day that I was in Georgia, I went to stone mountain for spiritual reasons. This mountain was larger than I thought that it was going to be. My intentions were to climb the mountain but I got 1/4 of the way up and fell down because it was so steep. Luckily they had cable cars that took you up and dropped you back off!

I just wanted to go to Georgia to take it in for its culture and country beauty. I watch Love & Hip hop and I see when the cast goes out to parks and things like that and I kind of wanted to see that. Im not really into the nightlife, but if you are into that type of thing then Atlanta is where you want to be. Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment and subscribe to my page to see more travel blogs like this. Also share this blog with friends  who are interested in going to anywhere mentioned above in the article. God bless


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