Visiting Las Vegas in December


My trip to Vegas in December 2016 is one for the books. I went on this trip for my annual birthday vacation and let me tell you it was a time to remember. I definitely have to come back when it’s not so cold.

When I first planned this trip, I was thinking that it wasn’t going to get that cold because we were in the middle of Nevada in the desert but the weather fooled me! I knew that I wasn’t going to be swimming and walking around with shorts on but I did not expect it to be near freezing out there so if you all decide to go at this time of the year I would suggest wearing and extra layer. You won’t regret it.

When we arrived at the airport the first thing I noticed was a liquor store and slot machines! It was weird yet awesome! My plane landed at 4:30 and by the time I got my luggage and went to look for a shuttle bus it was already dark outside and it was just a little after 5. The shuttle bus that I took was 24 dollars round trip which wasn’t bad but next time I go, I think I will catch an uber or try to book a hotel with free airport pickup because I could literally see my hotel from the airport.

I stayed at the stratosphere hotel on the far end of the strip. It was a beautiful hotel but I had staff to tell me that it was a bad area to walk in at night. The hotel also charges a resort fee of about 24 dollars a night but they give you access to go to the top of the tower and to ride the rides that were there as well so I did not mind paying a little extra.

Once I checked in the first thing that I did was go to the top of the tower where you can see the entire strip. I would definitely recommend going to the top of the tower and if you are a date devil, they have different attractions up the such as sky jump, insanity, big shot, and x scream.20161207_190835.jpg20161207_193257.jpg

The very next day was just full of shopping and sight seeing. I highly recommend buying the bus pass that is good for the whole day. It was so much more convenient getting from one side of the strip to the other especially with shopping bags.

One of my favorite attractions was the Eiffel tower at the Paris hotel and casino. The inside of the casino is incredibly photogenic. The guy in the section where you purchase the tickets for the elevator ride to the top was really rude though. The elevator ride was scary for some reason! I guess because it’s all glass and you can see how fast it goes. It was scary awesome

Our next stop as bellagio which is right across the street from Paris. I really can’t explain how beautiful this place is so I will let the photos speak for themselves.

I went to so many shopping malls that I can’t remember the name of all of them, but if you are looking for some awesome stores I would definitely recommend the forum shops and the fashion show mall. Both of the shopping malls have tons of different store for everyone with different taste. I like to pick up small trinkets and souviners so those are the kind of stores that I visited. I also love novelty candy and when I found it’sugar, I nearly lost my mind. I love this place and I recently found one back in Houston where I am from.


After all of the shopping I decided that I wanted to go to downtown Vegas and it is the complete opposite of the strip. There were parties everywhere.That is the place where the meaning “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ” comes from. I really regret going on the last day of my trip because I was already tired from doing tourist things earlier in the day and I had just eaten a big plate of enchiladas and margaritas, so I was really tired. Next time I come back to Vegas I’m definitely spending more time off of the strip and more downtown.

Overall my experience in Vegas was one that I will always remember. The only negative about vegas was the people on every corner asking me to sign up for a seminar about time shares. That was so freaking annoying. Please do not fall for those. From all of the lights at night and the show at the fountains at bellagio to the lady dancing half naked I’m Fremont street, I must say that I really enjoyed everything about my trip. The only tips that I have for you all from my experience is go there during the warmer months, plan out your trip before you go because there is so much to to and see, bring extra money, do not walk alone at night, buy a bus pass I think they are 8 dollars a day, try Fremont street for the party scene, and read all of the fine print when you are booking your hotel because most of them have resort fees. Oh and plan ahead! Through southwest airlines my flight and hotel was under $400


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