Haney Park, Texas City Dike : A place where I forgot all of my problems


The weekend that melted all of the stress that I have been dealing with away. This park is in a small neighborhood tucked off in the middle of no where, but the atmosphere is more than mediocre. It’s  $5 a day for visitors to park and the local police department are always around to protect their citizens. The area is so full of life! You have the fish jumping out of the water, the birds flying around over head catching the fish, the blackish dolphins playing in the waters next to the ferry that connects the islands, the Fisherman on the pier that sit for hours at a time pulling in small fish for sport. You also will see children and adults alike playing in the waters, building sand castles, riding jet skis, and the food and ice cream trucks that stay in the area all day. Lately I have been going through a lot of hard times and I needed a place to relax and I found it here at this dike. I just watched the waves tickle my toes as I allowed the sun to penetrate my skin and make my skin tone richer. This place is highly recommend by me. There is so much to do out there for it to be so small. Next time I go back, I will defiantly be bringing camping supplies because I really did not want to leave last night!


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