Random rant about Music. Its a good thing.

         So, I have been listening to Pandora every morning on my way to work, and this morning the music was so good that I did not want to turn it off. I have had my headphones in since I came to work. I am getting my work finished at a faster rate than normal and my whole mood has changed. I feel great. When certain songs come on, I just want to get up and dance but I cant because the patients will think that  I am crazy.  I am trying hard not to sing, but when songs come on that I love and I haven’t heard them in such a long time, It makes not singing so hard. I just don’t want to embarrass myself because I am not much of a singer at all. Have you ever heard a song that just explains exactly what you are going through? I have heard plenty today. I also came to a realization that every relationship that I have been in has been made into a song, and every time I hear that song it takes me back to how I was feeling when me and that person fell apart. I also hear songs about where I want to be in my future. Beyoncé’s songs are really an inspiration. Some of her songs are like stories. They have a deep meaning. She motivates me. She was a big reason why I decided to cut my hair off and let my natural strands curl and coil any way that they want. The song is called “Pretty Hurts”. You should definitely check it out. It gives be chills when ever I hear it. The way you look on the outside doesn’t define who you are in the inside. I don’t understand why people can never get to know a person for who they are and not what they look like. Everyone is so unique and beautiful in their own way. Other songs make me think that my boyfriend is cheating on me, but then I realize that I don’t a boyfriend. I am pretty sure that their is research on the topic of music and how it stimulates your mood and has such a tremendous effect on what you do in your life. I praise artist who actually make songs that have meaning. I am not that creative to make music but I would love to meet someone who has that talent and listen to them play.


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