Kemah Boardwalk


I visited the boardwalk in Kemah this past Friday. The Kemah Boardwalk overlooks the Galveston bay and is approximately 60 acres. It is about 30 minutes from downtown Houston and is really easy to find.  The boardwalk is owned and operated by the Landry’s Company and has about 10 restaurants and a large variety of rides, midway games, and attractions. The boardwalk even has a charter yacht named Fanta Seas. It is $20 per person for a leisure cruise and about $80 for a dinner or lunch cruise. Some of the restaurants featured are Bubba Gump, Saltgrass, and Cadillac grill.

The board walk also has a monster speed boat called the Board  Beast. The beast is 70 foot long boat that runs seasonally. Top speeds are around 40 miles per hours, which is actually pretty fast for the size of the boat. The workers that are on the boat are always friendly, with high spirits. The music selection on the boat also makes the ride a must do. Tickets run about $20 per person.

Lastly, Kemah host many events depending on the season. I went in June, so they were doing love music, as always, boat parades, and fireworks. You will have to visit the website to find the events for the time that you are going because it changes every day. I recommend going at any time of the year because they always have something going on and they never disappoint. They even have lodging right on the boardwalk, so that you can walk out of your hotel room and will be right in the middle of all of the fun. They even put in a new zip line ride, so this is a place that you most definitely have to try while you are in the Houston/ Galveston area.







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